Tips For Passing The Electrician Exam

Before passing the electrician exam, individuals should take the time to gather as much knowledge as possible. The exam will cover several areas of knowledge as well as state specific laws and guidelines. By preparing properly for the exam, individuals will have a better chance of passing the first time.

National Electric Code

One of the most important things individuals should do is study the National Electric Code. It’s important to find out which edition the test will be based on, since not all states test currently on the most recent edition. The National Electric Code is an accepted set of guidelines and rules to ensure public and individual safety. It can be found at all reputable book stores nationwide as well as online.

Suggested Reading Material

Finding a quality book that will help prepare individuals for the test is a great idea. One of the most highly recommended is the Electrician’s Exam Preparation Guide, which covers everything that will be covered on the test. It also provides nearly 1,000 multiple-choice practice questions that individuals can use to gauge their knowledge of the test subjects, from simple rewriting to complicated electrical systems. This book is also available at most reputable book stores as well as online.

State Requirements

Men and women should place a lot of focus on their individual state requirements for the test, as the test will cover those things. This might include safety procedures required by the state as well as guidelines and laws surrounding electrical work and electrical inspections. One great place to get the guidelines and requirements for each state is, where the states are listed with links to the guidelines and regulations.

Practice Tests

Taking practice tests can help individuals ensure that they are prepared and that they have the knowledge they need to pass the exam. There are a number of ways individuals can take practice tests, including purchasing books on the subject or looking for free practice tests online. There are also courses available that individuals can take advantage of, which offer review topics and ensure that the user is prepared for the electrical exam.

Study Partner

Finding a study partner that also happens to be a certified electrician is a great idea, as individuals can sometimes explain things that are easier to understand than it would be if it were read from a book or website. Individuals can ask a colleague or supervisor if they’d be willing to donate a little of their time to help with the preparation for the test. Most will probably agree, especially if they have a vested interest in the career of the test-taker.

It will cost a hefty fee in order to take the electrical exam, so individuals who don’t pass the first time are looking at losing their money as well as having to put up another fee in order to retake the test. By taking the time to prepare properly and study for the exam, individuals can increase their chances of passing the test the first time.