Journeyman Electrician License

As individuals gain more knowledge and move up the ladder (entry level electrician, journeyman and master), there are new licensing requirements that must be met at each level. The purpose of this is to ensure that electricians are fully prepared and versed in state and local laws and guidelines as well as safety procedures before the electrician is able to handle more complex jobs without supervision. It is important to know the specific requirements at each stage before attempting to obtain them, including that of journeyman.


Before an individual can become a journeyman electrician, he or she must first work complete some type of class studies to gain knowledge of the industry. There are a number of high quality electrician schools where high school graduates can obtain knowledge of electrical systems and guidelines. There are vocational schools that are great experiences for students as well. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers can help individuals find a paid training course that will help them in their journey to become a journeyman electrician.


Most of the time, individuals will need to spend time in an apprenticeship before obtaining their license for journeyman electrician. They will need to work under a journeyman electrician or a master electrician for at least two years in order to obtain their license. During this time, they will gain valuable experience working with electrical systems, tools, and safety issues that will serve them throughout their entire career.

Licensing Requirements

Each state has different requirements for journeyman electrician licenses, so it is essential that individuals research the requirements and guidelines in their specific state. Most states will require at least 6,000 to 8,000 hours on the job before they will allow an individual to take the test. Some individuals will receive credits if they have attended a college or vocational school. In addition to all this, hopeful electricians will need to pass the journeyman electrician exam before they can be given their license.

The Exam

The exam will likely be state-specific because many states have differing laws and regulations. However, a lot of the material will be the same and all of the tests will be created within the framework of the National Electrical Code, or NEC. Different states may use different editions, so electricians should ask which edition they should use to study for the exam. The exam typically takes several hours and will cover important questions regarding electrical systems, components and more. There is usually a fee required to take the exam, and although it’s different in different states, the average cost is between $200.00 and $300.00.

Taking the exam and obtaining a license before working as a journeyman electrician is essential, as there are stiff consequences for those caught working without a license. This could include steep fines, and prevention of the individual obtaining his or her license to work within the state. By taking the time to prepare and study, individuals can ensure that they are ready for the journeyman electrician exam and obtain their license to work legally within their state.