Everything you Need to Know about an Electrician License

Individuals who intend to become electricians will need to acquire an electrician license in addition to their other schooling or knowledge. There are several reasons that states require electrical licenses, including safety for the electrician and safety for the public. Those who are interested in becoming electricians should learn as much as possible about electrician’s licensing and what is required.

Learning State and Local Laws

The exam required to obtain an electrician license will ensure that individuals know as much as possible about state and local laws when it comes to doing electrical work. This is important as electricians need to follow specific guidelines and some electricians will be required to inspect areas before they are considered safe for individuals to enter or live there.

A License is a Privilege

When individuals obtain a license, it shows customers and potential employers that they are knowledgeable and safe to work in the electrical industry. Electricians who abuse their privilege to hold a license, act in an improper way, or who are incompetent can have their license suspended or revoked. Individuals will need to renew their license periodically to keep it valid and to ensure that they’re able to legally work within their state.

The Basis of the Exam for Licenses

The basis of the exam to become an electrician is the National Electric Code. While this is not a legally accepted set of standards, it has been widely accepted by most states as the framework for teaching and for the exam. In addition to information regarding the National Electric Code, individuals will answer questions related to electrical systems, common electrical malfunctions or damaged systems, maintenance of those systems and installation.

Specific Information

Some of the specific information an individual will need to know in order to obtain an electrician license includes circuit diagnoses or analysis tools, thermostats and insulators, switches, and conduits. Additionally, individuals will need to know specific information on the tools used to make repairs and the safe use of those tools to prevent injury or additional damage. The Ohms law will also be an important piece of knowledge individuals need to ensure that they pass the test in order to obtain their license.

Why Training is Important

While individuals can gain knowledge from studying literature and reading state specific laws, there is no substitute for hands-on learning. For this reason, many individuals attend a vocational school or train under a professional electrician. This ensures that they learn valuable processes for completing the job, and gain knowledge that only an experienced professional is able to properly provide.

At each level of being an electrician, there are different skill sets that are needed and different levels of knowledge that individuals will need in order to do the job properly. The electrician exam and licensing process ensures that future electricians understand these processes and guidelines and that they can do the job properly without putting the public or themselves at risk.